Contemporary Themes-Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

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Your name Professor’s name Course name Date of submission Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) CSR is effective at improving the worlds. First of all, companies that are socially responsible are bound to attract more customers. The fact that a particular organization(s) upholds CSR is a salient indication that they look into the social welfare of their customers. Expectedly; therefore, the socially responsible companies are bound to retain their loyal customers while attracting other potential ones. Maintaining one’s customers in this way proves developmental as the organization(s) will be more productive (Mullerat 37-38). Additionally, companies that uphold CSR often engage their employees in the organization’s day-to-day endeavors. Employees that are seen as worthy in the workplaces are bound to produce exquisite results (Mullerat 38). Again, socially responsible organizations are well-versed in the competitive world of business. Only a few companies subscribe to CSR ideologies; therefore, being socially responsible counters any form(s) of competition. Nonetheless, CSR is also ineffective at improving the worlds. CSR may be a disadvantage to small business particularly when it comes to issues of finances and costs. Socially responsible companies such as Coca-Cola, Microsoft, and Google have the financial capability of communicating their CSR policies to potential customers. Unfortunately, small organizations that have 200 or fewer employees may be financially incapable of instilling the art of social responsibility. It is also regrettable that the issue of "greenwashing" is constituent in various socially responsible companies. There are certain

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