Constitutional Democracy

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Constitutional Democracy Student’s Name Institutional Affiliations Constitutional Democracy The constitution is defined as a set of rules and procedures necessary for the proper running of an organization. This means that a constitution can be written for various bodies that include a country, state or an organization. Democracy is a type of government. The government that practices democracy gives power to its citizen and allows them to make the decision for the government either directly or through elected officials. Constitutional democracy is a type of democracy where the powers of the citizens are guaranteed and exercised within the constraints of the constitution. In a constitutional democratic country, the people engage in elections to decide who should lead their government (Wilson, 2012). The elected leaders should also act within the provisions of the constitution and also safeguard it. The U.S constitution which was formulated back in the year 1787 guarantees constitutional democracy to all U.S citizens. It functions in several ways to guarantee constitutional democracy to all citizens in the U.S. Firstly, the U.S constitution identifies the people as the ultimate source of authority. The government gets its power to govern from the people. This means that no leader can attain power to govern the people without receiving consent from them through a free and fair election. Additionally, the constitution protects the right of the minority as much as the majority decision is the one which is considered. It protects the right of the unprivileged people and also the voiceless. Constitutional democracy in the U.S also functions by guaranteeing people the

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