Conformity & Obedience

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Conformity and Obedience Student’s Name Institution Affiliation Conformity and Obedience In the study of human behavior, obedience remains one of the factors widely investigated and documented in explaining actions. Unlike compliance that involves acting as required by the norms or peers, obedience is acting as commanded by a powerful figure (Haslam & Reicher, 2014). As such, therefore, it requires an individual to do against beliefs, values, and principles as a way of fulfilling the command from an authority. According to many psychologists, this remains the reason many atrocities have happened in the past, involving torturous acts against a fellow person. In this study, both conformity and obedience are investigated to understand the way they influence human behaviors. Question One In an attempt to understand obedience to authority, Stanley Milgram set a social experiment to understand the extent to which people can obey authority by harming others. He named it The Milgram Experiment (Russell, 2017). Conclusively, the experiment reveals that established routine, cognitive dissonance, and argentic shift resulted in obedience to authority. Established routine refers to the activities performed as part of the ultimate procedures. From the experiment, Milgram concluded that people always treat the things they are expected to do as a routine (Russell, 2017). Cognitive dissonance was also a factor evident in the experiment. According to Tompkins and Lawley (2009), it is the situation in which subjects find themselves when they are commanded to do something that conflicts with their beliefs, values, and principles. Consequently, an individual can experience

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