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Name: Institution: Course: Date: Conflict Question 1 Using your own words, briefly describe negotiation and mediation as conflict resolution strategies how can either of them be used in online dispute resolution? Negotiation is a process of resolving a conflict between parties by helping those who have differences of having a common position or agreement. There are different strategies in which to approach negotiation in conflict resolutions such as structural strategy where negotiations focus on power as the determining factor between the parties. The another one is the strategic approach where mathematics is used to determine the outcome or to emphasize the goals of the conflict (Jandt, 95). The another negotiation approach is the procession approach that is a hybrid of both structural and strategic. Consequently, the fourth approach is the behavioral approach. This approach focuses on the parties’ behaviors such as perceptions, attitudes among others. The last negotiation strategy is the integrative approach. This approach does not give room for compromise by trying to achieve a win-win situation. It focuses on increasing the resource for both parties to win and eliminate competition among the parties. In addition to that, negotiation strategies are systems where conflict can be approached using bargaining tactics (Jandt, 97). These are more discrete as compared to negotiation approaches. They are classified as single issue bargaining approach further divided into numeric and non-numeric, multiple issue bargaining approach as well as a win-win bargaining tactic. Similar to negotiation, mediation is another alternative means of dispute resolution that

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