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Short Story Analysis Name University Affiliation Date Short Story Analysis Confessing is short story authored by Guy de Maupassant. The story contains intricacies of Madam Malivione affairs with her daughter Celeste. Confessing unmasks a hidden secret being kept by the daughter from the mother. The author, Maupassant brings up thematic issues such as love, trust, secrecy and family affairs into the limelight. In the story, Celeste is the main cast while Madam Malivione (Celeste’s mother) and Polyte the career are minor characters. Three months after being impregnated by Polyte, Celeste opens up to her mother in one of the unusual of places and time. The mother is angered, but after a while, she encourages her daughter and asks her to keep it a secret too for them to gain more from Polyte (Maupassant, 2004). The story Confessing has a rural setting from the vivid description by Guy. On the first paragraph, walking towards the cows is described, and the plantations covering the land are described too. All these portray a rural setting. Also, the existence of cows and their sheds bring about a geographical context of life in upcountry. Guy brings about time setting of the event taking place early in the morning. The description given indicates the two; mothers and daughter were walking to go and milk the cows, an activity that takes place in the morning or evening. The setting in this story reminds one of the late 18th centuries where only a few individuals owned vehicles, in this case, Mr. Polyte, the career man. Confessing features a lot of themes. To begin with, the theme of love is depicted between Celeste and Polyte. Guy creates a vivid impression of

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