Comparison between Macbeth and Across a Hundred Mountains

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Comparison between Macbeth and Across a Hundred Mountains “The Tragedy of Macbeth” is a novel written by William Shakespeare and perhaps performed for the first time in 1606. It sensationalizes the destructive physical and psychosomatic effects of the political drive on the people who strive for authority for its sake. The other novel “Across a Hundred Mountains” is written by Rayna Grande and depicts a gorgeous and touching story of loss, discovery, and migration. In Rayna’s novel, two females, one from Mexico and the other one from the United States meet and stick to friendship in the most improbable way. This essay will compare the two novels, “The Tragedy of Macbeth” and “Across a Hundred Mountains.” The comparison of the two novels will concentrate on three main points, heroism, tragedy and love as portrayed in the novels. Each of this points will be explained by giving scenarios and quotes from the two novels and hence the comparison. Heroism is a term used to distinguish a person who does extraordinary things to achieve personal or societal objectives. In the novel “The Tragedy of Macbeth” Macbeth’s comes from noble upbringing. His actions, determination, and bravery in search for power renders him a hero. Macbeth differentiates himself in combat before making his presence on stage. His heroism prompts King Duncan to talk and exclaim of him: “O valiant cousin! Worthy gentleman!”(Shakespeare 26).On the other hand, “Across a Hundred Mountains,” Juana Garcia is portrayed as a hero. She decides to leave her town in Mexico to look for father in America. Juana’s father left their family to two years before to search for a job. Juana

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