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Similarities and Differences between the North and South between 1800 and 1850 Although the United States was pleased because of the strong union they had, the south and the north regions both had some similarities and differences. During this period, the North and South economies grew stronger. However, their differences increased and became more dangerous for the union, and difficult to change. It was hard for the two sides to come to an agreement because of their different beliefs. Some of the similarities and differences between the south and north during the 1800 and 1850 were based on the economy, daily life social attitudes, and structures. The southern and northern states economy played a significant role in the differences that existed between them. In the northern side, industries flourished because of the plentiful natural resources. Factories began manufacturing different things, which previously were unavailable. Many of northerner employed immigrants who were working hard to make products that would meet the nations demand such as cloth from cotton of the south. The economy of the southern on the other hand was based on agriculture. Their plantations were suitable for growing different crops such as rice, tobacco, sugar cane, indigo, and cotton. After the invention of the Ely Whitney, cotton gin cotton became one of their primary source of income. The region by mid-1800s was producing cotton bales that were worth 5 million yearly. Therefore, the wealthy people were maximizing their land. However, it was difficult for them to find people that could work has as the plantation owners desired. It led to them forcing the slaves to be their laborers, without

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