Compare Mary Wollstonecraft’s A Vindication of the Rights of Women and John Stuart Mill’s The Subjection of Women. In what ways are they addressing the same topic but proposing different solutions

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Student’s Name Course Instructor Course Title Date COMPARISION Wollstonecraft is one of the most critical and influential thinkers on matters to do with the rights of women in the society. She was also a big writer and incisive when it came to social issues, education and politics. Despite not being a constant libertarian, she was in support of both men and women rights while operating in a normal and general classical liberal framework. One of her most interesting investigations is that of subservient soldiers and subservient wives similarity. She concluded that both parties only live to please and they are taught to please. John Stuart Mill is one of the well-known figures as revered by the civil libertarians in the nineteenth century. He is mostly associated with his easy the liberty described as one of the best selling essays. The liberty explored more on an individual moral development and liberty. In this piece of writing, the correspondences between the topic being discussed in the ‘A Vindication of the Rights of Women and Subjection of Women’ have been outlined. In both the books, they are talking about the issue of feminism; however, the solutions that they are bringing forth are entirely different. The primary problem being addressed is the issue women empowerment. They are showing how a woman plays a crucial role in the society. According to that time, women were viewed as less able than men. In the current society, there are a lot of programs trying to empower a woman and this benefit the whole society. However, during the two author’s time, women were not respected enough and given the same priority as men. A woman was only supposed to be

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