Compare and contrast the personalities of Jane Bennet and Elizabeth Bennet in a descriptive essay. What are the similarities and differences between the two sisters? Which sister is the stronger indi

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Name Instructor Course Institution Date A comparison Between the Personalities of Jane Bennet and Elizabeth Bennet from Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice” Introduction Written by Jane Austen "Pride and Prejudice" stars Jane Bennet and Elizabeth Bennet as the main characters. The two are sisters in the tentative ages of 22 (Austen, 1). Elizabeth is featured as the heroine of the story as entire story brings the reader to a tale of the romances and their resultant marriages. The personalities of the two girls differ in terms of the criteria used to choose their partners, perspective view of life and the manner in which they handle relationships. Nevertheless, the two also share personalities regarding kindness, adoration, and love. It is, therefore, imperative to provide a detailed analysis of the contrast and comparison between the two sisters. Similarities and Differences Jane and Elizabeth have a comprehensive understanding of how the world operates despite the fact that they are still young. They have comparable personalities. They are loving, kind, and adoring(Austen, 10). At one point the two girls whispered to each other “We are all fools in love” Nevertheless, the two children conform to the adoration bestowed by their loving parents. This assertion is evident in this quote, “Her father, contented with laughing at them, would never exert himself to restrain the wild giddiness of his youngest daughters; and her mother, with manners so far from right herself, was entirely insensible of the evil”. Jane and Elizabeth face the same challenges as their mother wants them to be married to one of the richest bachelors in their village as a

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