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Compare and Contrast Portfolio Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Homework as a topic sparks controversy everywhere in the world. Though there is no rigorous research performed to ascertain that homework is useless, many controversial issues are existing trying to justify it. That develops the question; how do teachers continue giving homework to students or how do we measure the amount and how much is too much (Moyer, 2017). Reasoning out on the issue, students are now getting more work than they used to. There not being evidence to certify that, we cannot say that homework is doing good or to children. Following that, there is a reason to think that it’s doing kids more harm than it’s doing good to them. The elementary schools are the ones hard hit by the problem of too much homework. According to research performed by Harris Cooper and his colleagues, there is no relationship between better performance and more homework. Teachers are blinded by the false allegation that more homework will give a student more practice hence make them have good performances. Elementary school kids who do the homework perform no better than the ones that do not. However, middle school and high school kids tend to perform better when they take more homework (Moyer, 2017). The levels of learning constitute high amounts of coursework which a student should do more practice to grasp the knowledge in it. Despite that, the research found out that better performance is not achieved with an increase in the amount of homework. The above descriptions give an insight into the relationship between performance and homework. The irrational of the two can be determined by many other

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