Compare and contrast piggy and Simon. Lord of the flies

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Student’s Name: Course: Instructor: Date: Introduction Lord of the Flies provides the characteristics of the various characters in the book. It describes the characters in terms of appearance, personality, and potential to leadership. In this book, both Piggy and Simon are referred to as outcasts in the story even though they show different roles when it comes to reflecting and distinguishing the worsening ethics of the boys and their posts with the main characters in the story, Ralph, and Jack, taking physical ability into considerations. The aim of this paper is to compare and also contrast the features of Piggy and Simon taking their personality, appearance and potential for leadership into considerations. Both Piggy and Simon shows distinct qualities that were not liked by the boys as well as the way the other boys disregarded them with time. To the boys, Simon denotes recognition existing between good and evil; he also exemplifies the goodness and purity of humanity whereas Piggy represents intelligence and rationality among to the boys. Simon was also the magical believer who was able to understand things to a greater level than the other boys as expressed (William). From the start of chapter one, Piggy seem to be unwelcomed when everything was not settled and unexplored; he first met Ralph who showed very little interest in him due to his physical ability. He is portrayed as fat, greasy figure and the highly unattractive person who is not active and sluggish in any undertakings. The way he was sitting down showed that he is an old man who cannot do serious activities on the island as explained (William). When it comes to maturity level and

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