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Education: “Young Goodman Brown” Name of Student Name of Institution Psychological Approach The psychological approach has been the most controversial in the short story “Young Goodman Brown.” However, it has been the most rewarding and fascinating. Freud’s first premises were mainly unconscious (Wilfred et al., 1999). Secondly, his mental unconsciousness was rejected by many professionals in the disciplines, arguing that their sexuality mainly motivates human behavior. Thirdly, most of the social taboos that were considered powerful were attached to sexual impulses proving individual’s memories and desires. The title of the short story is also symbolic. The title “Young Goodman Brown” symbolizes Brown’s journey which was more of a psychological one. For example, Brown went into the wilderness at night. The village was also arranged in moral and social order. In this case, Brown represented the poor ego. Feminist Approach The story “Young Goodman Brown” does not take a three-dimensional feminist character. Rather, it portrays a tale demonstrating the rejection of feminist. It compared well with evil, whereby the devil symbolizes the father-figure. Hawthorne emphasizes with the feminist characters given their rejection by the male characters in favor of unstated allures in the deep forest. Brown also views the female characters in the story as temp-tresses and innocent individuals. An example is Martha Carrier who is viewed as the queen of hell. Additionally, he also views his wife on the altar as a “polluted wretch”. Comparison The psychological and feminist approaches used in the text are distinct in that they help in

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