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Name Professor’s Name Title Date Smartphones: Social Impact of Technology The world today is driven by technology. Better said, we are in an age where any competitive indulgence, individual, corporate or governmental, is enhanced through tech. As such, it begs one to seek to capture its real impact on our generation, more so to the young people. We are a social creation. Some visit, others call, and others will write. That, however, is not all there is to man. Humanity everywhere seeks academic, spiritual or financial growth. This speech seeks to delve into the impact of the smartphone technology on these aspects on the lives of young people. Walking in the street of any city in the world will reveal a series of odd human behaviors. One will notice someone walk into a pole or bump onto another whilst staring on their phones. A driver will be seen busy browsing his phone while still riding. What of the two in a date who can’t stop checking their phones for texts? The proliferation of individuals owning smartphones means the population prone to these events is quite significant. Their near-constant attachment at all times is an apparent indicator of addictions to these devices (Salehan et al. 2633). Though the aforementioned is a negative look at it, there are a lot of benefits to the society. It is said that any technology should make life easier. This is evident in many services easily accessible with a phone. This in itself makes it a powerful information bank. To begin with, the popularity of eBooks and online retailers has made a smartphone a library. Individuals can browse different catalogs and acquire books and journals on any subject from the

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