Communication in the workplace

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Communication in the Workplace Name Institution Professor Date Abstract Communication is at the core of human interaction. Human beings depend on communication to understand each other. Therefore, any breakdown in the chain of communication often results in misinformation and at worst, misunderstandings. Organisations rely on their communication systems to interact with employees. The type of communication that exists in a given organization determines; the effectiveness of the employees, the general input and consequently the general output of the organization. Therefore, in cases where there is lack of communication or miscommunication, the organization would face a number of challenges which may, more often than not, culminate in decreased sales and ultimate shut down of the organization. It is, therefore, necessary that communication in an organization is considered as an important factor in the day to day activities to avoid any challenges that may arise. However, some challenges exist in organizations, which affect communication. One of such challenges is, the different generations working together. Communication forms an integral part of any organization. It is the fabric that holds the organization together. Any breakdown in communication may result in catastrophic implications for the organization (Godfrey & Mahoney, 2014). For instance, a manager may intend to communicate to the employees that a project should include certain elements. If communication were to be distorted at any point, it would result in miscommunication, and the project will not be done as instructed. The management has the responsibility of ensuring that the communication

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