Communication in Relationships

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Communication in Relationships Name Instructor Course Date Communication in a Relationship Conversing is the cornerstone of any healthy relationship according to ‘Ten Relationship Myths’ (Dr Phil, 2002). At the stage of ignition of a relationship, two would be lovers have to communicate. The quality of the intercourse is more important than the quantity. The approach one has in framing his thoughts and intentions together with the content in questions they pose and extent of information disclosure have a bearing on the flourishing of a relationship. In the ‘Why Relationships Fail’ by Toor, (2013) there is a characterization of communication practiced in doomed relationships into superficial and lacking. The former stands for conversations not inclined to issues involving your partner while the latter is total lack of meaningful issues that lead to thwidening of the distance. Good listening skills would empower an individual with the ability to discern between noise and objective messages. Nurturing of an ongoing association is through dialogue as a pillar. Some of these factors gain prominence due to influence from a cultural background and may be difficult to shake off. Conversing should be equally devoid of interruptions as a precursor to grasping relevant stimuli and application of cognitive listening practices (Greenberg et al. 2007). Critical messages should undergo evaluation regarding reliability, comprehensiveness and their worth. They may mostly occur during venting out of feelings. Dr Phil, (2002) has great sex as a myth that fuels the stability of a relationship, and it is important to note that communication of sexual expectations is crucial

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