Communication Developments Framework

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Communication Developments Framework Once a person attains a certain age, they are mature in their thinking and in their line of thought which necessitates the fact that they get such reception when it comes from those that they interact with on a first contact. The perception that people get once they reach the legal age of adulthood is that the world will view them in such hence they get disappointed once they realize that they get the same reception from people as if they were children. It means that throughout the life, one interacts with others who might take differently and treat them as if they were children and had no brain to reason on their own (Bens 56). Children need guidance since they are unable to make an independent decision which justifies the reason why older adults make the major decisions on their behalf. Every person has had an experience where they were treated as children and they did not take such an experience kindly and they would do anything to change that mindset and perception that people have towards them. Young people in the early years need some form of guidance so that they can make the right choices in life. Unlike the adults, children act on emotions hence the decisions they make benefit them for that particular time and do not think about the future based on the decisions they make at that time (MacKeracher 88). Documenting the instances that one gets the wrong treatment would take many forms but there are a few issues that stand out that make worthwhile making a record due to the past experience. There is a huge difference between adults and children in the anthological approach and the way they view different aspects in life.

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