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Student’s Name: Professor’s Name: Course Name: Date: Review of How Navy Seals Communicate The Nature Communication by the navy seals was a mixture of both formal and informal. However, official correspondence was used in most instances. The nature of interaction also depended on the situation and circumstances. For example, that between juniors edged towards more informal than formal. Types of Communication Used The major types include both verbal and non-verbal conversations. Verbal is the dominant type as compared to the normal. However, body language is a unique aspect of any interaction within such an ecosystem. Body language unique to the navy includes controlled and measured non-verbal responses. Most Memorable about the Different Types The navy has a distinct range of audibility when speaking. Words spoken are loud and clear. Non-verbal cues were limited and controlled by the Navy retirees and this limited their full range of communication since it was biased since it tended to lean more on verbal than non-verbal. However, they also had positive body language that improved their overall skills. Most Effective Style My most effective style is verbal communication. Like the Navy retirees, audibility and clear spoken words are my strengths. Effective conveyance of ideas through the proper use of words is critical to appropriate verbal conversations. Moreover, to complement these, I implement excellent listening skills to improve my overall interaction. Area of Improvement Learning about the different types of communication opened my eyes to the world of active correspondence (Lambert, Veronica, & Keogh 31). There is a lot that I did not

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