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Analysis of the Passage Name: Institution: Analysis of the Passage The excerpt drawn from ‘The Jade Peony’ novel by Wayson Choy is narrated by Jung-Sum the second brother of the Chen family. The events occur immediately after the narrator’s mother dies. Jung-Sum narrates how Mrs. Chin took him from his dead mother’s arms and took him to her cabin where the entire family including Mr. Chin welcomed him. The family treats him better and later on adopts him. The passage is particularly characterized by numerous literary devices as disseminated by the author. He particularly uses the repetition, symbolism, imagery, and diction to develop the passage and contribute to the overall story. The paper analyzes each of these literary devices as they manifest in the passage. The author uses repetition to show emphasis in the passage. For instance, he writes, “Don’t be afraid … don’t be afraid,” to show the reassuring voice of Mrs. Chin when she finds the narrator scared in bed with his dead mother (Line 7). He also uses repetition when the narrator states. He was lifted “up, up, up …" to show how he Mrs. Chin separated him from his dead mother (Line 9). It is also used to emphasize that Mrs. Chin's arms were strong as the narrator had mentioned earlier on in the sentence. Additionally, the term wetness has been repeated severally, “wetness clung to my legs. Sheets of wetness pulled away from me” (Line 9 & 10). It denotes the narrator’s current situation, which is of fear. He was afraid as he lay with his mother on the bed to the extent of wetting himself unwillingly and subsequently, the bed, and the bed sheets. Symbolism also plays a major

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