Combination of Psychology and Human Services

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Name Institution Course Date Combination of Psychology and Human Services The Transtheoretical Model in Drug Addiction Treatment Overview The Transtheoretical model or stage of change is a therapy theory that evaluates a person’s readiness to sustain new healthier traits. It is composed of six stages, which include pre-contemplation, contemplation, preparation, action, maintenance, and termination. The model can be utilized in a wide range of other psychological areas that persons want to change, but experience challenge of doing so (Connors et al. 21). The model is renowned for its achievement in managing people suffering from drug addiction. More than 21.5 million people in the US aged above 12 years were addicted to substance use in 2014. Approximately 80 percent of these people were suffering from alcohol addiction (DiClemente 11). It has been adopted as an alternative to pathological and confrontational approaches because it encourages person-centered and motivational strategies. Pre-contemplation Pre-contemplation is the first level of the behavior change or addiction change. When addicts are at this stage, they often do not think their behavior to be a concern. The behavior is informed by the fact that they have not yet undergone any adverse effects on their behavior (Bettmann, Russell and Parry 33). Additionally, most of them are in denial concerning the severity or negativity of the impacts they have encountered. Furthermore, drug addicts in the pre-contemplation stage are usually not very concerned about the advice provided on the importance of quitting the behavior or listen to the harmful effects of addiction (Connors et al. 21).

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