combatting cybercrime

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Criminal Justice Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Date Abstract The past few years have been a constant battle against cybercrime since most criminals rely on the underlying technology and the internet to promote their operations. The technological certainties that were brought by the combat against cybercrime concern the protection of citizens’ rights and invasiveness of law enforcement since they complicated the observance of these rights. Most governments know that its citizen's privacy is a priority yet the law enforcement invade them in their fight against cybercrime. For that reason, the essay offers a background that builds a global setup and policy atmosphere that stabilizes the needs of crime-free government, personal communications and business while safeguarding the protection of civil liberties, privacy, and property. One way that the law enforcement can combat cybercrime without invading any citizens’ right is by encouraging victims to report any cyber-attack. The essay concludes by ensuring that civil liberties are upheld amid technological and legal cooperation against cyber-attack. Keywords: Cybersecurity, crime, network, cyber-attack, database, Computer Combatting Cybercrime In today’s world, many people rely increasingly on the current technology and the internet. Despite all the advantages, it has to offer, the upsurge in connectivity brings the risk of identity theft, fraud, and abuse to its users. In short, the more Americans rely on the current technology, the more vulnerable they become to the cyber-attacks. The fight against cyber-crime by the law enforcement and the lawmakers raises the question of whether or not they

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