Colonialism in Africa

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Name Tutor Course Date Colonialism in Africa Fifteen years before the closure of the nineteenth century, European imperialist governments in their quest to expand their territories for various reasons aggressively scrambled and invaded the African continent. Initially, gullible African societies, most of which were decentralized, welcomed the foreigners, but after realizing the stakes some mounted resistance (Johnston, 43). As expected, the more sophisticated imperialist governments prevailed in most of the colonies and subdued the natives. The effects of the foreign presence were monumental, and it would take more than half a century for these colonies to free themselves from the oppressive rule and become independent governments. Until the late 1800’s, European traders had been occasional visitors at the coastal regions of most of the African continent. Several factors motivated earlier visitors. First, some were missionaries, spreading Christianity and these were the first groups to make inroads into the interior of the continent. Some traders having discovered lucrative trade avenues in the east and would make a stop-over on the African coast on their way there. Others like Sir Henry M. Stanley and John Speke were purely explorers. Colonization, however, was more organized and motivated by completely different reasons. There was an aspiration for European empires to assert themselves and achieve self-aggrandizement. This competition spilled over to the need to acquire territories and colonies. Politically, one reason was that the superpowers of the time wanted to outdo each other in the acquisition of colonies. France wanted a place to prove itself

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