Collage Materials

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Collage Materials Student: Institution: Collage Materials In the program that I have observed, the collage materials used were collared pasta for infants, cardboard portraits for toddlers, sticker mandalas for pre-schoolers, and painted tissue papers for school-age kids. However, other items are appropriate for the program. A teddy bear is suitable for infants due to its appeal to their age. A colored tissue paper can fit well with toddlers because it is more attractive than the cardboard. Decorated mosaic documents will best suit Pre-schoolers and the goers, and an owl art fitted with several colors respectively. Teddy bears teach infants bonding and friendship. A Cardboard rainbow emphasizes on color recognition among toddlers. On the other hand, a decorated mosaic paper enhances creativity among kids together with the owl artwork (Wortham, 2009). An educator should frequently play with infants. This is because they are in their early development days and can only learn from teachers. The provision of Toys and chatting with toddlers supports their learning and play. This is because they respect and follow all they are told by their educators. Kindergarten pupils and the pre-schoolers should be encouraged to go for physical education lessons. Music should also be-be tuned to them. These are major tools for supporting paying and learning since the kids are substantially developed in their body and mind (Wortham, 2009). While setting up experience with the collage materials, ethics is essential. Items that lead to moral degradation should be avoided since children learn a lot from these resources as they grow. Reachability, safety and the security of the materials

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