Cognitive Learning Classroom Observation Reflection/Analysis

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Cognitive Learning Classroom Observation Reflection/Analysis Student’s Name Institution affiliation Course Instructor’s Name Date Abstract Cognitive learning involves problem-solving techniques, memory preservation, intellectual skills and the discernment of acquired information. The classroom observation analysis and reflection that is depicted in this paper focused on the interaction between kindergarten children and their teachers. Various actions, languages, and interactions between the two groups were observed so as to develop evidence on the different class practices that enhance cognitive learning in schools. Head Start that is composed of children aged between three and five years was preferred for the study due to the composition of the children in it that enabled in developing the best implications for the study. The majority of the children are of Hispanic origin while 3% are Asians. The study focused on the English subject that is offered in Head Start program since the majority of the students were learning it as their second language. Therefore, this enabled in carrying out the research on cognitive learning techniques through classroom observation. The study observed that teachers and students have to interact with one another through respect, relevance, and motivation so as to achieve the goals of cognitive learning. On the same note, I found out that pupils need to be given time to practice the concepts that they have learned in class among themselves so as to enhance their understandability on the various texts through cognitive learning. Therefore, the paper shall touch on the study that I carried out and provide different inferences that

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