Cognitive Approach

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Cognitive Approach Student’s Name Institution Affiliation Cognitive Approach Children are faced with various situations where they have to make choices. They have to learn how to identify, develop and deploy cognitive skills and abilities to solve their daily problems. The cognitive approach focuses on an individual learner where the occupational therapist (OT) has to guide him/her master a particular process before proceeding to the next stage of cognitive development (Case-Smith & O'Brien, 2014). The fact that the learner interacts with the OT at personal levels means that is easier to help the student regardless of their backgrounds. Evidence-based benefits of the cognitive approach entail constant monitoring of the learning process and progress. The OT can manage to guide the learner depending on their response to numerous interventions. The OT will provide additional support experience that best suits their educational needs (Case-Smith & O'Brien, 2014). The primary idea is to assist the learner to achieve comprehension by instilling high-level cognitive skills. The cognitive approach of problem-solving is not immune to challenges and glitches. This approach is time-consuming because the OT has to conduct frequent assessment and evaluate their response. Occupational therapists have to design new learning tactics depending on how the learner has responded to previous interventions. Besides the approach being very engaging, it also requires the OT to keep records of the performance of the learners (Case-Smith & O'Brien, 2014). Additionally, the OT ought to be more flexible to keep up to date with the learning process. The most crucial

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