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Cognitive Ability Tests Name Institution Organizations are formed with the aim of achieving unique goals. This means that a variety of things must be done to ensure that the company’s objectives are attained at the end of the period. One of the strategies used is planning, evaluation, and then predicting the future. Therefore, to predict what will happen some tools are required such as historical data of the financial performance of the company. However, due to the advancement of technology things have changed and even employees are used as predictors of the future. This means the employer should conduct cognitive tests among his or her employees. Also, there are ethical values and statutory obligations that must be followed. As a result, this is the most challenging thing for the employers to know whether they are doing what is right or violating the set laws governing the welfare of employees. For instance, it is the responsibility of the employers to predict the performance of the company. At the same time, there are some legal implications because of certain decisions they cannot make. In this essay, we will be analyzing whether it is fair for firms to use the cognitive test to predict the organization’s performance given that they have adverse effects to the minority (Macan et al., 2014). It should be noted that cognitive tests are mainly used during employee selection exercise. Employers use it because they believe it is the best measure that can be used to know the behavior of the candidates that are selected for various positions. For example, the managers may want to know how an individual will respond to harsh working conditions and their learning

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