Coffee shop (Observation)

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Name Instructor Coffee shop (Observation) Date Participant observation At the moment it is 4:32 pm and I am sitting in the same spot I was sitting during my morning observation session. My sitting position is on one far end of a bench that is near B&G coffee shop along Broadway Avenue. The coffee shop is right in front of me, on my right side there is a shopping mall while on my left there is a basketball pitch. This area is buzzing with activities, and it's crowded with people of all ages. The main reason why I am sitting in the position on the bench is to observe all the activities that are taking place inside B&G coffee shop with the intention of accessing if they are different from those that took place in the morning session. Most of the individuals entering the shop are elderly couples and high school students, unlike the morning session where most of the coffee shop clients were middle age individuals heading to their workstation. The other individuals entering the shop are afterward visiting the shopping mall while the rest are heading to the basketball pitch. B$G coffee shop employees are well dressed in brown uniform and are very busy, and definitely, the reason is that they want to serve every client visiting the shop before they end the business operations of that day. At the moment it's exactly 5:32 pm and precisely 50 minutes have elapsed while I am still sitting on the wooden bench and it happens that my attention is on four students who are engaging in a talk and from the look of their face it’s a serious matter. That conversation is probably about something they are experiencing, or they are planning to undertake because at the moment

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