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Code of Ethics for Business Communicators Student’s Name Institution of Affiliation Code of Ethics for Business Communicators The type of communication ethics in which Wal-Mart has been entangled in is not different to those faced by other large businesses. It is a normal occurrence, but how it is dealt with makes the difference. In most cases, companies deal with such cases in-house and away from the public eye. Ordinarily, employees quit their jobs because it is difficult to go against the top management wishes, and still work for the same entity. Internal whistle-blowing systems are effective to some extent because they indicate a company’s commitment to ethical practices of doing business. However, the type of system that is in place for Wal-Mart is not the best. For instance, it does not encourage anonymity, hence many employees may not embrace it. Furthermore, the case of the employee is a perfect example, her identity was disclosed and that impacts negatively on a person’s job in the same institution CITATION Pal07 l 1033 (Gogoi, 2007). Wal-Mart should adopt a system that ensures anonymity, a system that allows for independent investigations into any ethical issue raised, and which is independent of the influence of the top management. Ms. Lowry, who reported her ethical concerns was very disappointed to a certain extent. Despite her assurance that the company was committed to ethical practices, it was evident that Wal-Mart was determined to cover up what she had seen. This is evident when the ethics office determines that what Ms. Lowry had seen was not in any way connected to stock trading, and it did no go against company policy (Gogoi, 2007).

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