Coaching and providing feedback for improved performance

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Coaching and Providing Feedback for Improved Performance Student’s Name: Institution: Coaching and Providing Feedback for Improved Performance Coaching and providing feedback are some of the qualities of great managers and team leaders. A lot was learned from the two concepts of communication strategies. Coaching involves providing information, advising, training and guiding employees to better their performance (De Janasz et al., 2015). Coaching is about making average employees have extraordinary performance. This is possible through frequent interaction, and both parties involved always benefit. Coaching in organizations builds team spirit and also endorses individual’s abilities and skills. Coaching enhances the unique talents of individuals hence improving their ability to perform. Successful coaches use problem-solving discussions and analysis of situations to foster creativity hence improving performance. Providing feedback involves providing information on employee performance compared to the expected performance (De Janasz et al., 2015). The quote, “Many receive advice; only the wise profit from it,” highlights the importance of feedback. Advice is in case refers to feedback; only those who respond to the feedback benefit from the feedback. Those who do not act on the feedback or ask for more information on the feedback do not benefit. Feedback, when delivered and received appropriately, improves employees hence increased productivity. However, not everyone enjoys feedbacks- both managers and employees. Feedback is always associated with criticism. Employees are likely to become defensive when provided with negative feedback. Managers are also

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