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Name Instructor’s name Course Date The Future with the Tablet The class learning project (CLP) discusses the future with the iconic technology company. The introduction of the tablet in the market brings in its outstanding features and quality services they offer. In addition to this, there is much confidence in its goods and product. The article explains the evolution of tablet and its advantages over other electrical devices. The primary lookout is why the tablet is the future in the technology industry; it is a good choice because we can understand the product since it explains how the reasons the consumer requires the tablets on the basis what the device can do. While comparing a laptop with a tablet, as you may know, the client would choose for convenience since it is portable (Wetzlinger, 2014).The tablets are considered as consumer products. The consumers need them in their daily activities. Now, from the fact that consumers have the different level of class, the tablets have a varying range of its pricing. As we know the smartphone is small compared to the tablet, so the interface is wide thus clear view and resolution. It is the best alternative for individuals who love to watch movies, reading books and playing games. Tablets are portable hence the customer can complete their errands efficiently. The internal storage of is 32 gigabytes where you can store a lot of data. The battery is long-lasting as it can stay for 48 hours. Most electronics have a one year warranty, but the tablet guarantees a two-year warranty. The tablets prices as earlier discussed are moderate to accommodate everyone in the society. We have then come up with tablets that

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