Clinical psychology and philosophies of mental health.

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Clinical Psychology and Philosophies of Mental Health. Name: Institution: Abstract The history of the philosophies of mental health can be traced back thousands of years ago. The rise of mental health cases over the years led to the development of the discipline of clinical psychology. From its early days, clinical psychology has, however, been in conflict with the field of psychiatry in relation to understanding mental disorders and their treatment. In this paper, I will address the conflict between this two disciplines by critically looking at the history of mental philosophies and clinical psychology. I have first briefly introduced what clinical psychology is and how it is closely related to psychiatry. In the remainder of the paper, I have delved into the historical events that led to the development of clinical psychology and the historical differences in explaining mental disorders and their treatment. In the last part, I have included what one scholar thinks should be done to harmonize the varying approaches towards mental health. How do we explain health? Thanks to the many studies and innovations in medicine clinicians understand that sickness is caused by absolutely biological factors. However, when people fall sick, many tend to think it is because of factors such as stress. Others attribute sickness and mental disorders to a supernatural being based on their religious teachings. This shows that people have varying views and beliefs about illness and mental health. Surprisingly, there are equally many varying academic, philosophical and theoretical models in clinical psychology for explaining mental disorders, which can be traced many centuries back.

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