Climate of Doubt

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Climate of Doubt Question 1 In either focusing or ignoring an event, the media promotes or refutes pseudoscience. The hype that is engaged in the press presentation contributes significantly to how the information is achieved. One example is when the UN convention for global warming takes place in California simultaneously with the skeptics meeting. Because of the hype towards the global warming conference, the media promotes awareness towards global warming and human contribution towards it. On the other hand, after the discovery of emails perceived belongs to climate scientists who were manipulating data, media presents this as definitive evidence that global warming is a hoax. This way, it refutes the pseudoscience. Question 2. Since pseudo-science is not yet proven, the best way to do so is to demolish scientific evidence that supports it. One way in which the skeptics achieve this is by taking analyzing ten years data to show a decreasing temperature trend while in the real sense; temperature for these ten years is greater than the data for the previous ten years. Question 3 The motivations behind denial maybe pure rebellion such as Singer’s position who seems to reject any progressive facts or profits by investors in multimillion industries tied to such harmful industries. The key players are climate scientists and skeptics. Both groups consist of professionals with high specialization in climate matters although the latter admits people with lesser qualifications. The North Carolina legislation wished to have issues regarding climate change named as non-existent and therefore blocking them from being studied in schools. Although the bill was not passed, the new

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