climate change

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Name: Professor’s Name: Course: Date: Climate Change Climate change has become one of the biggest concerns to countries around the world where different stakeholders have joined hand in the campaign to reduce the greenhouse emissions and reduce global warming. According to scientists and experts in climate change working in International Institutions and Global Governance Program (2013), global warming is one of the biggest threats that is facing the world with statistics from the American Meteorological Society indicating there are 90% chances that the global temperatures will rise from 3.5 °C to 7.5 °C in the next one hundred years (International Institutions and Global Governance Program np). Additionally, though the changes might seem small or insignificant, they have great effects on the Earth’s surface as they could cause weather patterns and famine as well as influence the rise in the sea level among other changes that could threaten life in the world. In spite of the United States is ranked among the largest contributors to climate change, they have been among the countries which have been reluctant to support the campaign around the globe due to reasons associated with technology, the economy as well as politics. Consequently, whether it is for reasons associated with technology, economic or political factors that promote pollution, they are all interconnected as the main factors as to why the United States does not support the efforts. On the issue of the economy, the United States is among the countries in the world that rely on heavy industrialization where these industries are the biggest emitters of the greenhouse gas emission. In case the

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