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 Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Number Date Social Media addiction among Teenagers Social media is gaining popularity with each dawn to become part of teenager’s everyday life. Teenagers are the heaviest users of social networking media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, and Snapchat. The advent of new technology and easy internet access has instigated progress in the smart gadgets industry where more advanced communication devices have been developed. The majority of teenagers have smart phones within their reach and can therefore comfortably interact with their peers anywhere any time. Despite playing a vital role in broadening social connections, social media has several risks which cannot be ignored. Most teenagers lack self-regulation of their online activities and therefore end up being addicts of social media usage. Addiction to social media has several health and mental consequences. This has become an escalating issue that needs to be addressed in the modern society. Social media obsession prompts teenagers to spend most of their time on social media sites. Researchers claim that addiction leads to mental health problems such as reduced self-esteem, anxiety and even instances of depression (O'Keeffe, Gwenn, and Kathleen, 803). Social media has established control over teenagers where failure to access social media sites leads to anxiety. However, the comparison between the social media users lowers self-confidence where an individual may feel inferior amongst their peers. Social media addiction has severe physical impairments such as heart disease and obesity. According to Alison, spending two hours per day seated

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