Civil War (1861-1865)

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Introduction A civil war is a battle or conflict between two or more groups who are located within the same state or country. Such a war erupted in America and was fought from 1861 to the year 1865. The war caused the death of many citizens in the United States of America, and it remains to be one of the bloodiest war in history until now. The war was mainly between the Northern States and the Southern states in America. The war led to the death of many soldiers than those that lost their lives in both world wars. We are going to discuss the three schools of thoughts regarding the eruption of the civil war which was States’ rights, Slavery and Sectionalism. Content The major cause of the eruption of civil war in America was slavery in the region. Members of the civil war who were the Union, confederate leaders, and the soldiers believed that slavery was the major cause of civil war. The confederate’s leaders from the South fought to maintain their slaves who worked in their cotton farms and brought major profits to them. However, the northern people believed that slavery was an evil system and it should be abolished in the country. Slavery was illegal in the northern part, while people from the South believed that abolishment of slavery was tampering with their constitutional rights and this factor led to the eruption of the war. The election of Abraham Lincoln as the president of the United States also led to the eruption of the civil war in the country. This situation is because Abraham Lincoln did not support the system of slavery at all and therefore the people of the South felt that they were highly misrepresented in the government. The people from the South

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