Civil Rights Movement

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The Civil Rights Movement . Name: Institution Affiliation: Abstract. THESIS STATEMENT: The endeavors Civil Rights Movement that happened in the 1960s contributed to the development of economic conditions of blacks raised the economy of the United States and helped to promote democracy. Morris, (1986) in his book the origin of the Civil Rights Movement, explores and analyses the background as well as the progress of the "current civil rights movement." The term explains about the black movement that started in the year 1950s in the south of America. It was when a large group of black people was directly involved in mass meetings, economic boycotts and a range of disorderly tactics. During this year 1950s, the southern whites had developed a secure system that dominated over blacks. The system protected the human rights of the white society and created incredible suffering for the African American people. The blacks were controlled economically and politically especially in the rural areas as well as the cities of South America. They went to the extent of controlling them personally. This type of system was known as the tripartite system of domination. Economic oppression began due to blacks concentrating in poor and lowest paying jobs that the city provided. In reality, during the 1950s, 75 percent of the African American people were hired in unskilled jobs. The kind of jobs they did could not meet their needs. For example, they could get employed as machine operators, common laborers as well as cooking for their seniors. By contrast, only 25 percent of the whites were hired to work in such jobs. The resulting impact of inequality in racism in places of work

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