Civil Commitment

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Civil Commitment Name Institutional Affiliation Civil Commitment The United States Constitution describes civil commitment as a legal process which a person who has severe mental sickness is court-ordered into treatment in community hospitals. Additionally, civil confinement is correctly applied to convicted individuals who have been diagnosed with mental illness that disrupts their normal thinking capacity and ability to make the right decisions.Civil commitment is performed by many countries as a way protecting an individual or members of the society from released prisoners. It is believed that inmates who possess certain mental disorders are threat to other members of the society once they are released from prisons. In many states all over the world criminals especially those who abuse children have been subjected to a harsher sentencing in that they are made to stay longer in civil commitment centers. (Greenley, 1974). In the USA, there is a process that leads to civil commitment. First, the convicts are identified by the agency of state criminal justice, and then they are submitted to the office of mental health where they are mentally evaluated. Attorney General files a civil suit in that the convict needs to be highly monitored as soon as he or she is out of jail. If enough evidence of the mental illness of the prisoner, the judge rules that he or she should be confined in a psychiatric hospital. Different states have different civil commitment laws; however, the United States Supreme Court ordered that civil commitment can only be applied in a situation whereby criminals have a mental illness that will force them to repeat the same offense once released

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