chronic pain in older adults

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Chronic Pain in Older Adults Name Institution Affiliation Abstract Chronic pain is one of the greatest issues affecting the healthy aging of Canadian adults. Managing chronic pain among the older adults can be a challenging process, but approaches to treatment that are tailored to each individual’s uniqueness can be very effective. In some cases, multidisciplinary nursing interventions are often necessary to address certain aspects of chronic pain experiences. Some of the objectives chronic pain management is to improve the well-being of the older adult and quality of life. As much as most chronic pain management involve the use of pharmacological, certain non-drug, or non-pharm logical therapies may also be considered in conjunction with the pharmacological. For instance, some of the nursing interventions may include cognitive behavioral therapy, lifestyle redesign and meditation for older adults. Registered nurses in Canada have a responsibility of also addressing the holistic needs of older adults despite certain potential barriers that need to be considered when implementing the interventions. Introduction Chronic pain is normally defined as a pain that lasts for more than twelve weeks. It often persists for months or even longer. It is a common problem for adults. Apart from discomfort, it can also lead to impaired sleep, decreased appetite, depression and decreased the quality of life. Chronic low back pain, for instance, is a disabling condition, with over 70% of the people suffering from the health problem at one point in their lives (Herr, 2002). The health condition can arise from initial injuries like a back sprain or ongoing causes such as

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