Chronic Illness Affects the Entire Family

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How Terminal Illness Affects The Family: Diabetes Name Institution Registration number Chronic illnesses have devastating impacts on not only the individual but also on the lives of everyone involved ( Crain,1966). Foremost, the quality of lives of the patient and their families is reduced exponentially. Family member of patients undergo stress, worry and frustration. Since family members are often critical for successful patient care, it is imperative that the effects to the family be understood. I interviewed Allan, whose father suffers from diabetes. Diabetes is often referred to as the silent killer since its symptoms are not easily noticeable. Statistically, 24 million people in the United States of America suffer from diabetes but 18 million are aware that they have it (White, 2007). Symptoms of diabetes include increased urination and excessive thirst since the body is trying to replenish lost fluids with the kidney getting rid of extra glucose I the blood. Massive weight loss over a short period is also a symptom of diabetes. Moreover, excessive pangs of hunger are another sign of diabetes as body blood sugar levels go down (Tsiouli, 2002). The skin may also darken around the neck and armpits or be itchy. A slower healing process from infections, cuts and bruises is a sin of diabetes. Further symptoms of diabetes include; a distorted and blurry vision, tingling and numbness in the hands and feet coupled swelling and a burning sensation irritability and fatigue. After contracting diabetes, Allan’s father was worried about his life expectancy. Diabetes life expectancy is determined by how soon the illness was discovered, the progress of the

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