CHRISTOLOGY Leadership of Christ

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CHRISTOLOGY-LEADERSHIP OF CHRIST Student’s Name Class Date Leadership of Christ Apparently, effective leadership call can be experienced at different levels or settings not only in the field but also in the daily events of life. Some of these various levels may include; religious, industrial, educational, economic organizations, social and political. Determining what effective leadership comprises of can be a great challenge provided that the public constitutes are often believed to be personal traits and characteristics or behavior that can be necessary for one to possess to pursue positions on leadership. The earlier description of a leader is a person with tremendous power, who has a considerable ability to control others. Earlier leadership theories and models, before the 1970s, focused on the behavior associated with a person. However, leadership is not just comprised of personal traits and behavioral characteristics since the intentions of a particular individual may not be reflected or shown by their behaviors. Creating a model that would be used to determine adequate leadership qualities based on behavioral characteristics should be able to reveal the more profound representation of the person's intentions, therefore, becomes a necessity. The Confucian system of thoughts indicates that leadership is a character that emerges from one's ability to learn and conscious effort to self-cultivate oneself. However, from the Christian point of view, these actions of self-cultivation and learning from within oneself originate from the ability of a person to be generous, gracious, merciful and just. The amazing mercy and apparently despicable injustices of

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