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Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Date Colonial Response to British Imperial Policy After Wars in France and India that are usually referred to as the Seven Years' War, British government wanted to expand into the territories in the West. Therefore, some policies were enforced including the passage of the Quartering Act by the parliament (Boucher 27). The Act demanded that colonists should take care of the needs of British soldiers stationed in the US. They were also required to pay several taxes to help the government recover the funds lost through the war. The Colonials responded by resisting, boycotting, or not purchasing British goods. They also demonstrated while dumping some of the imported commodities such tea into the water. The final response was to form an army and fights the British regime which led to the American Revolution. Both across regions and within the same colonies, the treatment imposed on the colonies by the British Government British treated was administered differently. Though treated differently from other colonies, Americans were handled unfairly. They were denied some rights and freedom. Additionally, they were forced to taxes to the British government and fund British projects such providing housing for the British soldiers (Bailyn 72). Despite the existence of colonial legislatures, they were not allowed to pass federal laws. British officials and soldiers had more powers, authority, and control over the colonists. The American Revolution started in 1775 as a conflict between the thirteen colonies and Great Britain. Several factors catalyzed the war through a series of events. The first cause was oppression. The

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