Choosing a Successor

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Choosing a Successor Name Institute Affiliation Choosing a Successor Background Statement The job vacancy in this particular case requires a recruit that will be 100% committed and willing to go the extra mile in ensuring operations are well coordinated. Considering the size of the facility, it goes without saying that work schedules are ever busy 24/7. As a change is made, it is expected that whoever takes the job will bring changes to the hospital. The Centre aims at having a hold of a broader base of patients to remain viable in the field. The new administrator of the multispecialty is supposed convince neighboring communities that the health care center can attend to anyone regardless of their age. Major Problems and Secondary Issues The major challenge that Ambulatory Care Center is trying to solve is its slow-paced growth rate. Therefore, the candidates applying for the job have to be vetted on their likelihood to change this. This poses a threat to the facility in the sense that its competitors might outdo it. Writer’s Role Taneshia is excellent when it comes to coding, and she has helped in the implementation of electronic medical records. However, her weakness is how she handles criticism or suggestions that are different from hers (Thompson, 2004). According to Taneshia, she is always right and does not have to listen to a second party’s opinion. For Felipe who is the only gent among candidates for the job, he is social and can easily interact with people (McEwan, Ruissen, & Eys, 2017). Perhaps he attained this skill through his daily work of contracting and marketing. He is energetic and has got good looks which make him charming to ladies.

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