Chinua Achebe

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Chinua Achebe Question 2 In the Chinua Achebe’s “Things Fall Apart,” there is an apparent change brought by the British colonizers to the Nigerian society. Citing the Igbo society, the colonizer came to alter their culture, family setup, and even the religion. Starting with the faith, the British came to Christianity. They intrigue them with Christianity forcing them to abandon their superstitious kind of worship. The British also caused breaking of the family bonds. The members of the family were needed to be given out following new religion and culture. Many gave out their children. It was even worse since others opted to give away their wives. It caused weakening of family bonds. The culture also was altered. The way things were seen and done was completely changed. Their culture for example which required the fact that those who killed themselves were to be thrown to the forest. The British, however, forgave them. Question 5 Foreshadowing is a sign or rather a warning of things to happen in the coming days. In Chinua’s Things Fall Apart, the foreshadowing is in the appearance of the small swarm which came to survey the land. Later the sheet of the clouds covered the horizon halfway. The cloud was the broken by rays of light giving a beautiful scene. It signified the coming of the colonizers which later came to exist. They came soon, and they changed a lot in the land. It started with them surveying then they came to colonize. Question 6 The strategy used by the British was mainly the indirect rule. It was the government tactic which used the local leaders to administer to the local people. There were ranks of local leaders who were to deal with the Nigeria

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