Chinese Buddha- and how they symbolize with other Buddhas

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CHINESE BUDDHA AND HOW THEY SYMBOLISE WITH OTHER BUDDHAS Name: Class: Date: Introduction Many religious orientations in the world usually have symbols. The symbols may appear like ordinary objects to the common person, yet they hold deep religious meanings, and one can understand them only in the spirit of the phenomenological impressions of the religion. Just like those other religions, Buddha has its symbols. The Chinese Buddha also has symbols. In this paper, there is a discussion of the symbols of Buddha around the world and those of the Chinese Buddha. There is the realization of many similarities in the symbols, yet there are still some differences owing to the general differences that occur in the phenomenology of religion when there is an interchange of the places which present a change in the culture. Buddha symbols In the practice of Buddha all over the world, there is an accompaniment of various symbols. The most common of these symbols include the lotus flower. This symbolic aspect represents purity and enlightenment. It is the symbol that serves to remind the observers of the Buddha religion to maintain the purity of heart in everything that they undertake the lotus flower also signifies the enlightenment concerning the faith which each member of the Buddha community ought to hold. There is much connection of enlightenment with the father founder of the Buddha. “There is the holding of the belief that; the symbols in Buddha were presented to the founder, Buddha, by God when he brought enlightenment to him.” There is the symbol of the endless knot commonly referred to as mandala which represents eternal harmony. The practice of the Buddha faith,

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