child abuse

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Student’s Name: Professor’s Name: Course: Date: Child Abuse The National Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act (CAPTA), as revised in the year 2010 and sanctioned by the CAPTA Reauthorization enactment, characterizes child abuse as, any action undertaken by a guardian or a parent-directed to a child that might bring about death, physical or psychological damage. In short, these include sexual abuse, child labor, and physical harm among other things. Child abuse can also include the inability to care for a child or exposing a child to domestic violence. Studies demonstrate that child abuse violations are mainly perpetrated by someone a child knows, for instance, a parent, a guardian or a relative. Not only is child abuse a public concern today, it has also gathered significant interest from the health circles. As far as health is concerned, child abuse can trigger a wide range of unfriendly effects on the victims. While children subjected to child abuse are not impacted in the same manner, a majority develop adverse characteristics as a result of the abuse (Perkins & Jones, p.555). As highlighted in the previous paragraph, children subjected to child abuse are not impacted in the same manner. Furthermore, this is because different circumstances can influence how a child will react after being subjected to abuse. For example, a child who has a close relationship with distant family or friends can process psychological effects of child abuse because they often have someone to talk to and in this case, the source of abuse can easily be nullified. On the contrary, a child with little ties with distance family and friends is more likely to be affected the

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