Chemical energy and lizard push-ups

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Student’s name Instructor’s name Course Date Chemical Energy and Lizard Push-Ups Introduction Lizard push-ups play a significant role in their sexual reproduction as it is their method of mating and projects their territorial nature. The act of doing push-ups in front of female lizard makes the male appear stronger. It is also a way of attracting the female. According to Goldman (n.p.), the act of the male lizard doing push-ups in front of a female can make a receptive female mate with it. However, a male lizard doing push-ups in front of another male can be a sign of threat or trigger a fight between them. In this case, if both male lizards do push-ups and head bob, there is a possible chance that they may end up confronting each other. Therefore, push-ups can be used to trigger receptive females to mate or threaten other males to leave another male's territory. Scientists have invested much of their time in studying the push-ups behaviour of lizards so that they can understand how lizards communicate with each other. Goldman (n.p.) states that the evolution of communication signals between lizard species can be studied through their behaviour when they are about to mate and when they are confronting with each other. Lizard push-ups display perfect physical form of communication that can be easily studied to decrypt the exact meaning of the lizards’ body language and the rest of the reptiles’ species. Materials and methods The materials to be used in the experiment include a computer and the Lizard Push-up video link. To experiment, I clicked on the link to access the video and recorded the number of times the lizard did push-ups within a second. In

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