Charter schools vs Public schools

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Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Date Charter Schools vs. Public Schools The debate on which school is better between charter schools and public schools has raged on for many years with no apparent conclusion. Proponents of each side have always been said to misinterpret data regarding the success associated with each side or offer falsely computed or biased data. It is due to this reason that the supporters of each type of school maintain that their type of school is the best performing. This essay looks at the suitability of the two types of schools by looking at various aspects such as discipline, understandability and overall academic performance among others. The paper borrows from some theories such as the Foucault's Panopticism, Schulz’s evidence, and Freire's Banking Concept. Charter schools are publicly funded learning institutions that rely on their self-set curriculum and set of conducts and operations, different from those of the public schools. It is important to note that they are also public schools and receive funding from the government. However, they are privately managed by organizations or individuals who also provide donations and grants, and in some instances, moral support. According to the charter by which they operate. The original reason for the charter school idea was to increase competition among the schools and also offer parents a wider scope of choice on where to take their children for schooling. The increased competition would lead to better performance in all schools. The mode of operation in each type of school is different; these differences would either offer an opportunity for success or failure. When it comes

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