Charleston Sofa Super Store fire

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Student’s Name: Lecturer’s Name: Course: Date: Charleston Sofa Super Store fire Introduction Historically, America has had many fire tragedies but the 2007 was a major loss for the nation. The 2001 incidence that claimed lives of 343 firefighters at the World Trade Centre and the 1979 tragedy that claimed 11 lives in the Lancaster County Jail are some of the fire tragedies that the country has encountered. Therefore, the essay examines the history of Charleston super sofa store fire, lessons learned and how it changed the fire service. History of the Super Sofa Store Fire Charleston Sofa Super Store fire is one of the saddest disasters that the country has ever encountered. Historically, the Sofa Super Store tragedy occurred in June 2007. The incident was a great loss to Charleston Sofa Super Store because it claimed many lives (Bryiner, Fuss, Klein and Putorti 187). According to the NIST technical study, the fire started within the loading dock area at around 7: PM. Whereas the source has never been confirmed, it is believed that a discarded cigarette might have ignited a pile of packing materials and discarded furniture outside an enclosed dock room. From there, the fire spread to the retail showroom and the warehouse section. Moreover, the fact that the tragedy found the business open with many workers present escalated issues. Surprisingly, the fire that began in a simple way turned to be disastrous to the company and the entire American Nation. Even though it was an accident, various agencies responded as fast as possible, hoping to destroy it. For instance, Charleston firefighters arrived at the scene earliest possible. The firefighting team from

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