characteristics of effective Teamwork

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Characteristics of Effective Teamwork Student’s Name University Abstract Organizational teamwork is a vital feature in developing an efficient framework to get projects and activities accomplished. A team usually has a team leader who directs all members to attain the goals of the organization. Moreover, it is essential for team leaders to include all employees to enhance workplace morale and motivation. The importance of teamwork is that it offers workers a chance to unite with each other, which increases relationships among them. Furthermore, collaboration should be encouraged in the workplace because it is associated with nurturing of learning and creativity, the building of trust, and conflict resolution. Several factors have been found to facilitate successful or effective teamwork. Some of these factors include clear purpose, shared leadership, listening, informality, open communication, self-assessment, style diversity, civilized disagreement, participation, and clear roles and work assignments. These factors vary in their degree of influence on the effectiveness of teamwork. Thus, this discussion identifies the most crucial element to successful teamwork out of all the factors above. Open communication is considered the most vital factor because it cuts across all the other factors, i.e., it drives all the other characteristics of effective teamwork. Characteristics of Effective Teamwork The most crucial Factor to a successful Teamwork Effective teamwork takes place when team members match their efforts and dedicate their time to a common vision. Successful teams do not usually come by accident. Commitment, hard work, and effective communication

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