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Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Details Date Chapter Summaries Sy Montgomery in The Soul of an Octopus exposes the other side of science, where it is hallucinatory, boneless and beautiful. Sy deconstructs the self-imposed borders by humans between them and other animals. As much as there exist differences between humans animals and nonhuman animals, there also exist several similarities. Chapter One - Athena Sy introduces the readers to Athena. Athena is a giant Pacific Octopus who appears friendly to Sy when they first meet. Athena comes across as a feisty, active, and easily excited; when octopuses like someone they reach out to that person and if not, they spray water from their funnels (Montgomery 13). At the end of this chapter on Athena, the reader gets to understand that octopuses are venomous, come in all sizes; can weigh same as humans and be as long as a car. Octopuses have a memory same as that of a pet as they seem to recall their visitors. Octopuses can even escape and explore when bored (Montgomery 26). An octopus can love, more than humans can do.Chapter Two - Octavia In this section, the readers get introduced to Octavia after the loss of Athena. When compared to Athena, Octavia is shy. Octavia came in to fill the vacuum left by the death of Athena (Montgomery 36). The aquarium acquired Octavia after Athena’s death. Octavia came in old against the standard practice of most aquariums where a pup is brought into growing when there is the likelihood of losing an old octopus. However, as Octavia begins to age, a young octopus is brought in to take over when Octavia dies (Montgomery 54). The intelligence of other animals gets discussed

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