Challenging status quo

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Name Professor Subject Date Challenging Status Quo Creativeness is all about challenging the status quo, and it has many positive benefits to the society. I have faith in my dreams, and I believe that relentless efforts towards them will bring the desired results. I am dynamic, visionary, enjoy dealing with machinery, and desire to work in a challenging environment. Therefore, I feel that I am a superior person who is capable of transforming the field of automation engineering. The trend in automation, a core purpose of a test engineer, has been to write multiple functions for each component. The number of functions compound very quickly making it difficult to maintain them. These are unique to a component and have limited use, and there is a need to modify and revalidate them every time there is a slight change in the feature. Not only is this a mundane task for an engineer but it also locks up critical resources. I decided to adopt a more intelligent approach, which defied the tested method. My approach consisted of writing a limited number of functions that would achieve the objective of several individual roles depending on the parameters passed. While my approach did raise a few eyebrows, I was confident that a more efficient and innovative approach to automation was the need of the hour. After several iterations and countless hours, I came up with two functions that did the job of fifteen. Using this new approach, I was able to quickly scale from automating 2 or 3 test cases to about 5 to 8 test cases per day, which marks a 150% increase in productivity. Any changes in the functionality had minimal impact on the automated scripts since it was relatively

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